Freeflow can install your new supply pipe using a technique known as impact moling, in which percussion or hammering action of a pneumatic piercing tool is used to create a bore by compacting and displacing the soil rather than removing it.
The general advantages of impact moling are:
 Low operational and reinstatement costs
 Less expensive than traditional trenching methods
 Suitable for all soil conditions except rock
 Minimal or no excavation beyond the necessary connection pits or termination points for the installed water main
 Minimal disruption to the customer and customer’s property in comparison with traditional trenching techniques
 Environmentally and socially beneficial
This method involves excavating a pit to launch the mole from and a reception pit to receive the mole. Once the ground has been moled the new water pipe is passed through this opening. Depending on the distance the pipe has to be installed over depends on the number of pits required.
Freeflow operate across the South Coast including Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Chichester, Hampshire, West Sussex ,Dorset, Surrey and Berkshire.