Blocked drain clearing in Portsmouth Southampton and Hampshire

High Pressure Water Jetting
Tanker Water Jetting


High pressure water jetting is used to remove build ups of scale, silt and debris from drainage systems. Freeflow have invested in equipment to clean drainage from 50mm up to 1.2m diameter pipes.
Different blockages require different cleaning heads that can be attached to the end of the jetting hose. Bomb jets are used to remove build ups of silt and debris. A chain flail can be used to remove root ingress and a head called a warthog can be used to remove heavy scale deposits.
All these operations can be monitored using a CCTV camera unit. The jetting units can be housed in a van or mounted on an HGV vehicle. Therefore you can be assured that Freeflow has the correct equipment to clear and clean any blockage that we encounter.
Freeflow operate across the South Coast including Hampshire, West Sussex ,Dorset, Surrey and Berkshire.