Drain & Utility Tracing


Freeflow has the equipment to locate and trace “lost” pipework, buried manholes and soakaways.
This can be achieved by attaching a signal emitter to a camera or a jetting hose that then can be followed above ground. Not only does it pinpoint the location of the pipe but also it depth.
If during a survey a damaged section of pipe is identified then its position and depth can be marked and an excavation carried out in the exact spot saving time and money on speculative digging.
The same equipment can also be used to trace iron water mains, gas pipes, electrical and telephone cables.

 Freeflow can also carry out the more conventional method of drain tracing using dye.

Once the drains have been located Freeflow can prepare a site plan showing the layout of the drainage system.
Freeflow operate across the South Coast including Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Chichester, Hampshire, West Sussex ,Dorset, Surrey and Berkshire.
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